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Dingo is a suffering Washington D.C. sports fan with an honest and objective perspective of his teams’ eternal ineptitude. While growing up in Central New Jersey, Dingo was subject to perpetual harassment from his friends who followed the far more successful New York City and Philadelphia teams. After leaving for college in Maine, he became acquainted with the equally obnoxious Boston sports scene, and all their fans that don’t understand what losing means.

Despite 15 straight years of depressing losses, Dingo understands how invaluable the commitment to these teams has been. He’s learned how to look at sports with a┬ápassionate but detached view, making sure to avoid the deep depression often associated with D.C. sports fans.

On a more normal note: Dingo is currently a student at Colby College, studying government and creative writing. And his real name is Danny Kossow, in case you were wondering.